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Rich Communication Services (RCS) on Bell Mobility

Anyone here using RCS on Bell Mobility?

Before I was with Bell, I had RCS on my Fido phone but I had to download a third party text messaging app called Android Messenger to add the functionality to my phone because the manufacturers built in messaging client (LG messages) did not have RCS built in, though they could have released an updated version if they want, but it would delay the rollout since every manufacturer has to be on board, so it was faster for google to release their client, install it, disable the built in messaging app, and use googles messenger for text, mms and chat (RCS) messages.

Only one contact on my list actually had an RCS compatible phone I could message to and from, but when I did the chat indicators worked just like iMessage, with the sent/read receipts and all. Now fast forward to today, I'm with Bell mobility, my Samsung phone's default messaging app has the RCS functionality built right in so I do not need to use the third party Android Messenger app, since my wife and I both opened lines together and moved to the same carrier, we were able to text each other and get the RCS working instantly, with proper read receipts, and typing indicators, pretty neat. I also am aware all new phones will either have it built in or have the google version of the app installed so new customers will automatically be enrolled in it, so right now I only know 2 people with it, the one russion guy I am friends with and my wife. but as time goes on and more people get newer phones I will like to see people hop onto this technology and start using it more frequently. by the way, a chat (RCS) message is not counted towards your text or mms message quota by your cell phone carrier, so you can send as many as u want and you can even send chat messages over WIFI with the cell network turned off and the message will still sent, because it will send thru the data either cellular data or wifi data, instead of the carrier's signal. pretty neat eh
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