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Originally Posted by bev fan View Post
I don’t agree at all. If pirates could produce good picture quality and reliable system then Vmedia shouldn’t have any problems either.
Comparing apples to telephones. Pirates simply have to send video over whatever Internet people happen to have. Over my 300Mbps fibre line, that's a whole lot of room to produce very high quality video. For non-streaming piracy (ie: downloading an entire season), it doesn't need to work in real time, which further allows for improved quality. Frankly, pirate picture quality is generally better quality than Rogers picture quality in NB due to Rogers antiquated infrastructure out here. You telling me Rogers doesn't have money? This is also true of OTT services, which can simply use whatever I have and deliver appropriately.

Vmedia and similar providers are crippled by rules that force them to provide their own Internet an only offer TV service over it. That is limited to ADSL in lots of areas, which is garbage by current standards and not up to providing realtime multiple HDTV streams and doing absolutely anything else. If they had reasonable access to the same fibre line I have now, the outcome could be very, very different.

This market is absolutely not a level playing field, and it's due to continual failures by the CRTC and government to promote a competitive marketplace. Instead, they love vertical integration and the oligopoly it creates.
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