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The issue is more likely that the alternatives to traditional BDUs are somewhat underwhelming in services and equipment choices. Channel choices are limited. Most of them appear to use proprietary Android boxes with little or no recording capabilities. TV services are tied to the provider's internet which unfairly restricts the choice of internet for consumers.

Seeing as the incumbents own most of the channels and infrastructure in addition to selling TV services that's not surprising. They seem to intentionally cripple competing services though CRTC lobbying and by placing restrictions on competitors as to how they can provide channels or services. This will not improve until concentration of ownership is eliminated and increasing vertical integration of the industry is stopped. For starters, ownership of infrastructure, ISP services, broadcasting services and communications services by the same company needs to be eliminated. It has become counterproductive and, like most cartels, is hurting consumers. We need more competition, not less, if Canada is to remain competitive and Canadians are to have affordable choices.
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