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Did she call 911??? IF so, how long did it take for them to respond??? And can you obtain stats for how long it takes (min, max) for her area???

VISIBLE Surveillance is a strong deterrence....even if it's a bunch of FAKE Cameras....but you can't rely on a Security Service to actually LOOK at the cameras in an entire city full of homes.

My 71-yo wife fell down a while ago, damaging her L knee and wrist....twice I've had to rescue her, unable to rise up from a squatting position: "I've fallen down, and I can't get up"....all it took was to get her to roll over on her side to get back on her knees from which she had no problem. So I THINK she has enough "Training" to at least crawl on the ground to the nearest Phone that is in every room (except Bathrooms) so she can call one of the kids to help....cuz I can't lift her. AUTO-DIAL Phones, of course, are essential to making this easy to use. [And I am nearly ALWAYS with her at home.]

Do you need to make it EASIER for her to call YOU and/or 911...and/or a Emerg. Response SERVICE??? Such as an APP on a SMART Phone that only takes one button to activate [and a confirmation button to avoid mistakes]....or a PANIC Button that she wears like a necklace or wristwatch??? Or a Wrist Cellphone that can make a Cellphone Call [although all of them require a "Host" SMART Cellphone for INIT/SETUP]. There are also other agencies and NGO's who provide assistance to the elderly....sometimes for free, such as fol. that she might not YET need:

"Just" a Water Resistant Multi-Autodialer Phone Button:

Adds 2-way Talk Capability to Multi-Autodialer - Standard RJ Phoneline connects to Wallsocket...NOT a Cellphone: [Optional Cellphone Adapter]

Service Center will send someone to quickly Respond to Emerg. Button...and THEY can also determine if they need to call 911...and/or YOU:

SIDEBAR: At our age, we typically experience hearing loss AND waveform distortions....which makes understanding HIGHLY COMPRESSED AUDIO via CELL Phones more difficult. Hence our Digital Cable Phone Modem connects to hardwired Phones in nearly every room in the house (except bathrooms)....each with AUTO-DIAL capability. I like AT&T's latest landline phone with BIG, VISIBLE Numbers:

Per SCTE Cable Spec, all Digital Cable Phone Modems are required to support mostly uncompressed G.711 (64 kbps) CODEC...and are "encouraged" to support additional Compressed CODEC's to avoid severe "Transcoding" Loss from one CODEC to/fm another. My ARRIS TM502G Voice Modem supports G.711, G.726, G.728 & G.729E....but NOT any of the HIGHLY Compressed CODEC employed by Cell Phone Companies. Well, at least MY CODEC is very low loss up until it gets Transcoded to THEIR lousy CODEC.

The BIGGEST problem occurs when one Cellphone tries to talk to another network's Cellphone, so that a Highly Compressed CODEC must be Transcoded to/fm a DIFFERENT Highly Compressed CODEC. The last time I had a need to look at this issue, the fol. two figures summarized the human evaluation "MOS" Scores for JUST a CODEC and the FURTHER Degradation when Transcoded from one to the other. Fortunately, MY end would be G.711, so Transcoded MOS Score shouldn't be all that different from the MOS Score for the Highly Compressed CODED alone. Yeah....a lot of technical jargon....bottom line....Make sure her primary phone is HARDWIRED or Cable Modem Phone Service:

BTW: Those results were for 2000 (back when I was still working). I have NOT taken the time to ascertain current situation...which is made all that more complex by UMTS and GSM adopting the SAME Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) standard....but it allows individual operators to CHOSE from a BUNCH of different CODECS, from a Ghastly 1.8 kbps!!!!! all the way up to a "not too bad" 12.2 Transcoding may or may not be involved depending on whatever the Operator has chosen to do to conserve Bandwidth:

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:

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