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So as I mentioned on the 630 owners thread, my unit was in the final death spiral. I was able to swap out the hard drive in less than an hour. The most difficult part was loosening the Torx screws. The bits that I had didn't fit perfectly. Anyway, this was the step by step process:

1. Document all recordings - menu, PVR, PVR options (I took pictures with my phone)
2. Power everything down
3. Disconnect existing ESata drive
4. Place new Drive in Hard Disk enclosure and connect to ESata
5. Power everything up, the 630 will prompt to format the new Hard Disk
6. Power everything down
7. Disconnect everything from the 630
8. Open up the 630 - three male Torx screws.
9. Remove the old HDD - unscrew the stand, take out the stand, unscrew the hard disk
10. clean out dust from the inside of the 630
11. remove new hard disk from enclosure, place the new hard disk in 630 - screw into the stand, replace the stand and screw into place
12. close the 630 - use three Philips screws
13. Reconnect everything
14. Power everything up

It should work if you did it right

At that point, I reconnected the old External Esata drive, which needed to be reformatted.

Everything took just over an hour. Thanks to the many many posters on this thread who inspired me. I honestly can't stress enough how straightforward this was. I wish I had put in a 1 TB SSD when I first got my 630, although back then those drives were hundreds of dollars
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