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@ roy.herman

The condition you describe is exactly the same as what I experienced when I replaced my quad LNB with a triple xKu LNB and BEFORE I had the channel map changed by Shaw.

The older triple xKu LNBs' "eyes" were more elongated than the quad's, but the xKu LNBs that I recently purchased are almost identical in appearance to my old quad. So I don't think there any way to tell which it is if the sticker has been removed from the LNB's case.

Here's something you might try to answer your question: On you remote, enter Options >1 >1 >2 >2. This should bring up a menu that will allow you to (temporarily) change your channel map. If your receiver is set for the quad LNB then the current channel map will show as Q4C(<a four digit number>). You can then change the channel map to the xKu by selecting X4C(<a four digit number>). If you change the channel map using this feature and you then receive all your programming, you will know that that the channel map you have does not match the LNB type. (Again, this menu only allows a temporary change; sooner or later, it will change back automatically).

For example, when I had the quad, my then-current channel map showed Q4C(4321). When I had Shaw change the map, it showed X4C(4320). Your four-digit numbers may be different than mine.

Another possibility is that your LNB and your channel map agree with each other, but the electronics in the LNB are defective, preventing it from switching when you select a channel that comes from the other satellite.

I'm not familiar with the automatic mounts, but is it possible that your dish is mispointed?

I do not believe that Shaw will perceive that your receiver and LNB are mismatched, if such is the case, and change the channel map automatically. I know mine didn't, and the last time I watched an installer do a change, he had to call Shaw also in order to get the map changed.

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