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I have recently purchased a used Winegard SK-7003 automatic roof mount for my rv. I cannot tell which lnb is on the dish. It looks like the regular dual quad but, half of the stations do not come in. I am thinking the lnb may be an xku. There is no tag on it to say what it is, only a bar code strip with a serial number.

Is this likely an xku lnb if I only get half the stations? Mostly the lower hd channels and the 700 + french channels are what comes in.

I am using 600 and 630 receivers. I hesitate to convert to the xku until I get back home so that I can change my other 2 dishes to the xku as well. I am reading that I will need to call SD once I have changed them to get the newer programming guides and maps. Is there any chance that a receiver will update on its own when hooked to the xku? I ask because the 600 wanted to download an update of some kind when I first attached it to the SK-7003. It never completed because I had to turn it off and it is now back to a quad lnb.
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