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I often chromecast now a days so when people send me interesting videos we watch them on the "Big" tv so everybody in my family can watch easily instead of staring at a tiny screen. Back in the day, people sent me videos in the correct aspect ratio with the correct orientation back then, though it was mostly 4x3 back then, but now a days they are sending me 16x9 videos of their kids birthdays and other celebrations and milestones however theyre filming mostly in portrait mode, and when playing back on my big screen tv, they look wack, that or sometimes the video player flips them to landscape and then you have to turn your head sideways to watch it. Shakes my head! anyways I have learned to take 2 videos of everything important, one in proper landscape for me for my needs and one for my "Hipster" wife to use for her social media, and you know whats funny? i saw some of her videos for those silly feeds she likes to take and the apps crop out the videos and make them something like 4x3 or 4x4 resolution anyways so there really is no need for her to film in portrait in the end because the apps they use simply crop them for their own format and leave the ones on your phone in the aspect you recorded it, so all this for nothing, what a waste!
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