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Landscape vs. Portrait cell phone videos?

So one of my biggest beefs is people who record cell phone video in portrait mode vs landscape mode.

Landscape mode is the industry standard for watching movies on your TV, but portrait mode is this new phenomenon that all these young hipsters are doing now a days. The videos look great when they play it back on their phone but look terrible when you play it back on a tv or when the local news airs the video clip for some kind of story. terrible. black bars every where.

It also does not help that all these young hipsters are using these apps like instagraham and chat snap which influence them to take video in the portrait mode and share it with their friends/feeds/ or whoever. I swear this garbage has to stop.

My wife always takes videos of our kids in portrait mode and I tell her to stop, and turn the phone sideways, and record, but she says no cus her so called "insta story's " or what ever that garbage is called accepts video only in portrait mode, i told her record it in landscape and I can crop it later for her silly app. but she insists not to.

now when the kids get older and I am going to show them a DVD video of all the clips of them growing up, they will definately know which one mom took and which one dad took. when will this stop
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