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I'm confused

Originally Posted by SCman
...As for how many fixes and new features were added/changed let's just say the number is around the 200 mark.
That sure seems like a lot. The real questions is how many are actually visible, maybe a dozen or 2 or 3?

Originally Posted by SCman
...The guide for the 530 series will be pushed ahead from 3 days to 2 weeks. I think it will be included in this download.'s not coming next week or next month even but maybe in the summer or @ the end of the year!
That will enable all sorts of good things, but first you talk about it being included in this download and then you say next summer or end of the year.?????

Originally Posted by SCman
Currently there has only been around 12 receivers with BC on it in a test centre which is not real testing.
That doesn't sound like near enough. Maybe that was Alpha testers.
A real Beta test would be 100+ I would hope.

Originally Posted by SCman
...Sooo smooth so nice and less of a hassle to deal with!

I am sure everything will be more then happy to get this upgrade, all you need to do is wait about a week or so.
Now thats sounds like a real Star Choicer!! Hmm, SCman

Anyway, it all sounds like very positive news. I just hope everyone agrees with you. I'm sure they will. It's pretty great compared to A8, but there will always be some room for improvement. Heck, it's not even a year old yet.

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