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iPad2 and update 9.3.5 causing webpage loading errors

I have an iPad2 that got the 9.3.5 update when it came out.

With this update came a most infuriating behavour with the Safari browser.

Most pages with advertising and or other active content often reload (sometimes repeatedly) and the reload will also often bring back pages from days to weeks ago.

"A problem has occurred with this web page so it was reloaded" is displayed at the top.

A second issue is if the back button is used on any of the pages with active content, a page from several days to weeks gets reloaded. What's bizarre, is even if the cache and cookies and all data for the browser are cleared, it still happens (which to me doesn't make sense).

Anyone else aware of this or had it happen?

Is there a cure? Other programs on the iPad2 function correctly.


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