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I ended up getting an LG G5 phone. Works much like my old Samsung phone, but faster.

While the BellMTS web site may appear to offer a newer phone for zero incremental cost, don't believe it.
They want $40 as a 'connection charge', and if you ask that they transfer stuff from your old phone to the new one, they can charge $25 for that. The CSR that was looking after me didn't charge me. It took her about two minutes to put my photos all on the memory card which moved to the new phone, and with gmail, your contacts move with you.

Then comes the issue of a new case.
The LG is quite a bit bigger than my old phone. Reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon where they make sure the product is slippery and fragile, so customers break it on first use.
Spent $85 on a rubber surround from Otter and a holster from Roots.
Changed my mind and ordered a flip case from Amazon for $15. Might keep the holster.

Dave S.
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