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thanks...i love streaming...saves me not buying anything.
(I also stream tidal via Roon for music)
anyone compare the Telus 4k stb visuals against the apple 4k tv ?

my snot audiophile friend says repeatedly 'just get the oppo 203!'
otherwise i'm watching compressed mp3 video and not using my LG Oled to it's full capacity.
whatever (****!)

but to me spending $880 on this oppo 203 player isn't cheap
($720, then add 12% taxes and $80 for shipping = $880ish)
and this is what i cough up before i even get to watch a 4k bluray is $$$
...then for 4k blurays there is only about 150 or so out there.
and many of the don't tickle my fancy.

so i 'bought' 3 movies from the itunes store when in the apple 4k tv... at $6- $9 each:
'dawn of the planet of the apes', 'war for the planet of the apes'
and 'star trek'...can't beat those prices vs a 4k bluray disc at 1.5-2x the price.

i'm also finding even recording my own movies in HD from regular Telus TV is satisfying
with this OLED, let alone having to step up to 4k.

again: i'm not against buying a 4k player: just hope CES show starting this week shows more
releases that will both stream and offer dolby vision and atmos.
i'm also hesitant as i see 4k streaming overtaking 4k bluray purchases.
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