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I would never deal with Rogers or Bell stores. Bell really turned me off of corporate branded phone stores. The best place I found to buy a new locked phone is Best Buy. They often have sales or rebates which can bring the price down considerably.

The last time I dealt with Bell, they refused to sell me the phone without also buying a long term warranty that I didn't want. Told them to take a hike. Best Buy sold the phone $120 cheaper but was out of stock. I ended up buying a much better, unlocked phone on eBay for a little more money.

@dschell_2000 , I suggest you look for a different phone if you want one from Bell. My experience is that once they run out of stock, that's it. Even if you find one, they may try to inflate the price as they did with me. I'd look on eBay since many more models are available there. Be sure to buy from a Canadian supplier that has compatible Canadian phones and make sure it is unlocked. The biggest issue is that the phones on eBay are often returns that may have a defect or two. Be sure to check the phone out thoroughly upon receiving it.
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