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Decided to get a new monitor on Sunday. Been thinking about it for the last couple weeks. Checking all the models online and trying to decide what to get.
One of the new Asus gaming rigs or Samsung sure were nice but price was more than what i wanted to spend.

it had to be at least 27in and 1440. Perfect balance for my new rig and video card. A 4k monitor would be too much money and would over tax my video card.
Next was a choice between the LCD tech, TN? VA? IPS? I know the TN be good for fast twitch FPS games but color and black levels suffer. Also one thing it had to have
is HDMI and built in speakers. This is is because it would have to share duty with the Playstation Pro.

in the end i decided to get a BenQ PD3200Q monitor. (32inch) Really happy with it. It is a VA 4ms monitor at 2560x1440 and 60hz. Love the rich colors from it and in games so far
it is great. I see no trails or input lag. But i had been using my old 2010 Sony 40in HX800 as a monitor and for a bit a LG 5ms IPS 32in 1080p monitor. So the new BenQ is
a huge improvement. The text on the Sony was a bit fuzzy so is one reason i wanted a better monitor.

Lots of nice features on the monitor. Stand is height adjustable and has tilt and swivel. Black levels are excellent and as said colors are rich and vibrant. It has a lot of different settings
like 10bit color and sRGB and REC.709. Has built in USB 3.0 ports.
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