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New PC Gaming build

picked up parts Dec 02. put together on Dec 03. Strictly for gaming. My old computer i use for everything else (i7-4790k. Asus Maximus Hero Vii)

This is build number 4 for me. (started with an Intel i5-750, i7-2600k the i7-4790k and now new one)

Usual went default with Asus but decided to try out MSI this time around. And since NCIX is gone i went to Memory Express.

Corsair Graphite 230T case
Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler
Corsair RM650i power supply
MSI Z370 Gaming M5 motherboard
Intel i7 - 8700K cpu
Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 16g ram
MSI Gaming Geforce GTX 1070ti 8gb gddr5 graphics card
Adata 512g SU800 SSD for windows 10
Windows 10 pro
Seagate Firecuda 1T

I originally went with a WD 2T blue and HyperX fury 16g 2400 ram. But went back next day to swap to a 2T WD black and the corsair 3200.

I now run the Firecuda tho as after i installed Win10 on the SSD i plugged in the WD Black and started to install some games. It died half way thru an install. Disappeared from drive management and bios.

I had considered another SSD but the Firecuda is pretty fast and i like it on the other computer as my Solus (linux) drive so i got another.

I have a gtx1070 in the 4790k computer. I have a gtx980ti as surplus. Decided to get a new 1070ti instead of originally moving the 1070 to new and 980 to old. The 1080/1080ti sure are nice but still too pricy and i only do 1080p gaming so should be fine for a while.

also thought about water cooling for cpu. But so far idle temps are 28-30c and in game runs around 35c. The only time it went up to 40-50c was when i was installing Steam. The install must hit all 6 cores.
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