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I cannot see the image quality improving with Telus in terms of regular HD content. It would require Telus to increase the bandwidth for HD and Telus wants to save that for 4K. Telus is ready for 4K but they need broadcasters to switch everything over to offer the content.

This means 4K cameras, 4K recording boxes, improved networks and etc.

A few things I did that also improved the image quality was change the settings on my TV. I did the following on my Samsung set:

1.) Disabled Digital Noise Reduction (this softens the image to reduce compression artifacts and noise)
2.) Reduced to Sharpness from 50 to 10. This reduces visual artifacts
3.) Disabled AUTO MOTION as this softens the image.

I'm thinking we're at least 2 whole years until the major TV networks switch everything over to ATSC 3.0

EDIT: The other issue too are that TVs are getting bigger and cheaper and with people getting bigger sets you start to notice the quality difference even more. Sitting 20 feet away with a 42" set with Telus HD looks fine but sitting 8 feet away with a 65" set amplifies any imperfections in compression, artifacts, noise and etc.

Part of my issue is being spoiled with seeing live 4K, 4K youtube, 4K netflix and Blu Ray movies... it makes you hyper sensitive Doesn't help when some one is feeding you good quality draft beer then hands you a Molson Canadian 67 ! LMAO

ATSC 2.0 would of greatly improved today's regular HD broadcasts giving us 1080 60p but it was never rolled out in favor waiting for ATSC 3.0 which allows up to 4k 60P and HDR.

Trust me, once you see sports in 4K it will blow your mind and it will be worth wait.

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