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Review: 2001 Audio/Video, Please Read Post 1

I recently bought a set of speakers (last Sunday) at the Brampton location (Great Lakes) after testing/returning a pair from another retailer. However, I almost walked out the door when another sales rep arrogantly decided to come over and lower the volume on the receiver we were using to test the speakers! I quickly asked if he needed to leave the building (he ignored me and walked away) while I was trying to determine if I wanted to buy the speakers. Kulwinder (the good sales rep) turned the volume back up and we tested a couple different speaker brands. The other sales rep moved to the end of the counter and sulked while pulling things from the back of his pants. Incredible! Later, I overheard his pompous and arrogant tone while he tried to use his basic tech knowledge to try and con a couple into buying a TV. The speakers I took home from the other retailer crapped out at higher volumes and I didn't want to waste my time and not properly test them.

At the end, I did buy a nice pair of Klipsch speakers here and got a great price, but for a moment I was ready to walk. The arrogance and dimwitted move of the other rep almost cost his Kulwinder a nice sale. If I was the store manager, I would have pulled the other rep aside and said, "Do that again and you're toast."
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