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I tried playing some online video in FF and Chrome on my RPi2. It was very tedious and pretty much a total failure. For starters, the web browsers are very slow to start and to load pages. I don't have access to Fibe TV so I tried Rogers On Demand. That was a total failure due to incompatibility. Tried Crackle, which failed to load movies. Tried YouTube which sort of worked but was plagued by stuttering and pauses. The problem is probably due to the slow speed of the SD card that appears to be bringing disk I/O to a crawl. It's a class 10 card but probably not the fastest available. The CPU and other resources appeared to be ok.

I bought the Pi2 to watch TV and videos with Kodi and that works fine with the RPi KODI distro. Unfortunately, KODI won't work with Fibe TV or most streaming services. It will work with streaming services that are supported by a media server such as Plex but, again, you won't see Fibe TV on Plex.
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