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I went for Shaw's offer to upgrade my 630 to the 830 for $100.00. Larger Hard Drive was my reason, however I was deeply disappointed with the product. First issue was no clock or front display other than an "on" light. The second issue was a deal breaker ! The unit will only output PCM audio over HDMI. A call to tech support and through their guidance could not "fix" the issue, so they sent me a second unit which had the same issue plus a bad tuner. This was obviously a refurbished unit. Wait a minute ! I started out with a new unit and they offer me a refurbished and defective one. Needless to say they are both going back and I'm glad I tested the 830 before I sent them my 630 in trade. The unit has no external antennae for the UHF remote but seemed to work OK. If you have a home theatre and you care about the sound stay away from this unit until / if, they update the software
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