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No, the whole area was 416. 905 didn't appear until 1993 and by that time you could make a local call from Oakville to Scarborough. Back in the 60s and earlier, long distance was expensive. The phone system was entirely analog, with vacuum tube and relay technology that required a lot of maintenance. So, even a short distance was "long distance". Direct distance dialing appeared here in the late '50s or so. It was advances in technology that enabled dropping long distance charges. I now can call anywhere in Canada toll free. I guess it was in the early 70s that the drop in charges started happening. Now, if they'd only drop the need to dial 1 first.

As for TV, I seem to recall that in England, the choices were either the BBC or the BBC. ;-)

Growing up in Oakville, I had 6 channels to choose from, 2 Toronto, 1 Hamilton and 3 Buffalo.

I haven't lost my mind. It's around here...somewhere...
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