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Allan B
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Back then I was in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. We didn't even get a phone until 1975. Nowhere to my knowledge did any kind of delivery of food until well into the 80's.

To call Canada back then, we had to call the International Operator, at least 3 or 4 days in advance, give them a date, time and number we needed to call and on the appointed date and time our phone would ring. It was the International Operator confirming our call, at this point we were told the maximum time we could stay on, this was dependent on how busy the lines to Canada were, we were then put through. A few minutes before the end of the call, the Operator with interrupt, reminding us of the time remaining, then one final warning with 15 seconds to go, then dead air.

The UK was never as attached to the telephone as Canada was, at that time. I should also point out that a phone call ALWAYS cost you something, there was no such thing as a free call, even calling you next door neighbor, was charged a minimum, which I think back then was about 6p or 9 cents, the cost of the International call was astronomical.
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