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Thanks to both 57 and ExDilbert for the excellent information. The CyberPower EC350G Ecologic 350VA/255-watt Energy Efficient Desktop UPS I am looking at has 4 outlets for backup plus 4 more surge protected. One problem I see is the spacing of the outlets, not only on this, but on bigger ones too. Since the 830 has the plug and transformer together (probably to save a few bucks) and so does the eHD, each requires extra room. Since I will be looking at replacing 630's in future, I will need more than 2 outlets with extra space. I guess I will need to resort to a short extension cord to get that.

I am not looking at this unit to provide a prolonged power supply, only to protect the hard drives from what ExDilbert refers to in his first sentence: "Common causes of equipment damage or failure are rapid power cycling and surges". I believe that what affected the 830 was just a short blip in the power since one of the 630's rebooted and the other didn't. Another thought just occurred to me: Could the reason that the 830 was affected have anything to do with the fact that it only has a 2 pronged plug?

How do I know what will provide the best protection for me?

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