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Originally Posted by NeilN View Post
Year 1970 -"Im hungry time to order a pizza.Oh i need phone to order pizza.Cant even eat without phone.I HAVE TO GO THROUGH DIFFERENT HOOPS JUST TO EAT.This is the modern age and I cant even use normal telegraph?Should even be able to use year 1850 telegraph to order pizza if this was truly the modern age.Get it?But its opposite.Its the "upgrade at constant rate or be obsolete" age
"heeeheeehahaaha". That is funny but being able to use an 1850 telegraph in 2017 where the receiver end would hear a digital voice reproduction of sender's exact pizza order would only prove we would be 1000 times more advanced than previously where only a smart phone can be used to receive that special offer online. To have a computer scan and recognise an 1850 telegraph, 1920 phone or a 1970 non-electronic typewriter and make them usable and compatible to get online or print on paper would only prove to be genius. We are simply not advanced enough to make such old technology compatible with current.

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