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Originally Posted by ExDilbert View Post
Anyone who wants to write a book a page at a time on paper is not being realistic. Yes, it was done for many years but it was a long and tedious process.
Originally Posted by majortom View Post
regarding the word processor / printer rolled in to one. That would not be very compact.
The paper required to print your book would be bigger than the device itself.
You insert 1 page at a time into the slot at left side of laptop keyboard, you type 1 page worth of words, make all the edits(easy viewable on laptop screen), then press enter and its printed on that 1 page that exits out at right side of keyboard slot. Always 1 page at a time, similar to when they insert 1 page into a typewriter but it would be a laptop. When writing a story from the beginning, it takes hours and even days, months of composing and editting 1 page at a time, so the extra seconds it takes to print 1 finished page is nothing.

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