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regarding post #17, in fact they do. You just have to add your own hard drive. One of mine is a little bigger than a VHS Cassette.
A raspberrypi is smaller than a VHS-C cassette that used to be in video cameras and doesn't need a hard disk.

regarding the word processor / printer rolled in to one. That would not be very compact.
The paper required to print your book would be bigger than the device itself. Get with the program and save a tree!
If you are that paranoid, encrypt your book with a private key (there is such a thing called RSA encryption among others), and only give the publisher or anyone else you wish,
the public key...

I like to repair antique tube radios from time to time. But that doesn't mean I wish to get my entertainment from AM radio.
My advice is to embrace advances in technology, not avoid them, otherwise you'll get buried.

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