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I definitely do not see any option to play recorded content on the iPhone app. You can choose to play the recording on your tv from the phone but not play the recording on the phone itself. When I go to the guide, I can see restart symbols on shows that can be restarted which I can also play to my TV but not on the phone itself.

I am currently logged in at home over my network as well so its not a home network thing.

The app was updated June 20 and the description for the change does not refer to playing recorded content on your phone (something everyone is waiting for, especially on Apple TV).

Maybe this only applies to newly recorded shows? I have 2 recordings made earlier this week and cannot play either.

EDIT: nope, just recorded a couple minutes of CTV News on 1201. I cannot play it back on my phone (unless the option to play it is super hard to find)

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