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I don't see Canadian satellite BDUs putting any significant development money into receivers or infrastructure because there is very little return in it. For starters, Canada only has a large enough population to support one satellite BDU. Star Choice, now Shaw Direct, is only still around because Shaw bought it and is very frugal with its operations. If it weren't for the Cancom division of Shaw Direct, it would have been shut down years ago. US satellite services have better equipment and services plus they are more sustainable because they have 10 times the customer base to finance operations.

Yes, the DSR830 is very disappointing but it's a limited, shrinking market. Satellite is being rapidly replaced by terrestrial wireless solutions and fibre optic services, both of which offer much better solutions than satellite. Satellite is going to be relegated to niche markets and remote areas where other solutions are impractical. Canada certainly has enough areas where that is the case but not a lot of customers in those regions.
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