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Just chatted with Shaw Direct. They say both will be out by the end of Summer, with the 830 being out by the end of July. Here's what I found out about the DSR830:

-Still just dual tuner
-Still requires two coax lines to use both tuners
-No whole home DVR capability
-They say it is more user friendly with more info on screen so you don't have to go searching for it (not sure exactly what this means without actually seeing it)
-HDMI and RCA output only. No coax output, and no component.
-USB is now used for external drives, replacing eSATA. From the sound of it, it's used for offloading shows if the DVR gets too full (they mentioned transferring the shows to a USB key). Which seems a bit different than how eSATA drives currently work with the 630. USB drives are locked to individual receivers, so you can't move shows to other receivers (I didn't think they would add this, but I asked just to make sure)
-No more front panel display
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