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I happen to have an Akimbo BroadbandTV box at home ... fairly disappointing for Canadian users but an interesting concept (far too many content providers aren't available in Canada).

I might be tempted to try TiVo ... but the official TiVo site kinda discourages Canadian sales/users; support sounds lacklustre. I want something I can use without a lot of muss and fuss.

Plus, I'm a certified HD lover.

So my next step is, more likely, an HD PVR from Rogers. I think it's something that, once I try it, I'll wonder how I ever did without it. But right now I tend to watch more DVDs and TVLand than mainstream network TV. And at 20 hours of HD TV on the Rogers PVR I feel a tad underwhelmed at the prospect of spending up to $25/mth.
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