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If you look at George Cope's comments that I posted earlier, he mentioned that " is important to our drive towards Internet subscriptions." That tells me that Fibe internet will be a requirement for this new service.

Regarding recording capability - it is more likely that this service will resemble Telus' Pik TV or Bell's, where you can watch live and stream current episodes from the VOD library. While it's not a perfect substitute for a PVR, it will be "good enough" for people who have cut the cord and decided they can live without a PVR. I don' think Bell will be going out of their way to encourage people to drop Fibe TV and choose the new service.
Frankly, in terms of whether or not people will migrate from one product to another, that is an harder call, other than to say if there are customers who are cutting the cord from our TV service or another TV service, part of the strategy around this approach will clearly be to make sure we are in the marketplace, to have an offer for that customer.
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