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I wouldn't bother worrying about 4k now because the amount of content is not enough yet. Most likely why you don't yet have a 4k set. And even 2 years later the Android TV box you get now will be likely ready for an upgrade.

There isplenty of non-pirated content for which you might want an android TV box. For example you might prefer the Netflix app over the one that comes with your smart TV; similarly for other paid streaming services (Crave TV?). When I was looking at cord cutting I was concerned about those HDTV shows my wife loves to watch (Netflix Canada doesn't carry them, and very few ever show up OTA -- at least at my location). So that's when I found that you can watch lots of full-episodes at (you watch 1-2 ads and then watch for free). With an Android TV that's easy, not so with a plain Smart TV.
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