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Ok, I have had some time to cool off and consider everything. I am going to stick with Bell for now. I called them up to complain about the most recent increases expecting them to go back to my last negotiated price and credit the difference. Shock and horror, they actually lowered my price to below what my last deal was! I have been happy with their service however I must have spent hundreds of hours on the phone with them over the years. And that's not an exaggeration either.

Looking at F1 and tennis TSN is really my best option. Surprisingly F1 doesn't offer a paid streaming service on their site. I was going to stream news for my wife through chrome however it appears now most stations now ask for a user id to watch their streams. I haven't come across this before as I recall being able to stream cp24 for example.

All though Bell has rolled back my fees I still find their TV price expensive for what I watch. Anyway for the quality and ease of use I will stick it out for now.

57 thanks for the link interesting read. As for F1 I don't think Bell has it in 4k but the original Sky recording is in 4k. I am however surprised how much better quality it is than other 1080p programming. WRT to your comment about Bell being in 720p. I remember seeing ads about Bell PVR boxes handling 1080p and while I thought it would be automatic I check my box just now and 1080p option is avaialble in settings I could not see the difference when I switched back and forth.

I recall the day when OTA channels, PBS specifically, switched down to 720p and I could clearly see the difference on my 56" dlp tv at the time. My current tv is only 48" however it has excellent PQ and even if the actual signal is only 720p I'm happy with it. This kind of proves that we don't really need 4k and it's just a market push to get people to buy yet another tv to replace the current ones which in many cases are only a few years old.

Inglewood, I agree. I think 4k will be a consideration for a projector if I ever build a home theater room with a large screen. 1080p was designed for "large" screen tvs back in the day when 27" crt was considered big and I think it's more than adequate for even a 60" or 70" display. On the other hand when it comes to big screens I would only watch movies on that size and I have a friend who has a large screen and 1080p looks just fine for movies. It is about a 12 foot screen.

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