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It looks like the real reason is to free up Anik F2

Could this all be in order to free up and leave Anik F2? Could there be future plans for more internet services from that satellite on the ku band? When Shaw did not design the xKu lab to have an extended band on 111.1, like 107.3, I assumed they never had plans to place an extended ku sat at the 111.1 location, or else they could have designed the lnb so that 107.3 and 111.1 were the same, but the 111.1 side works the same as the original lnb, meaning to me that they knew that 111.1 would not have a future with Shaw Direct.

The thing that they are doing that could lose them the small part of the Canadian satellite TV market they they have now will be the snowbirds and grey market subscribers in the Southern USA and all of Mexico. Many of the ones I have known with Shaw Direct , over Bell, have Shaw because it will also work in the South, such as Florida. They could simply just have local channels on G2, with all the others going on F1R.

Those subscribers without access to G1 will lose H2, Discovery, Family, Teletoon, ABC Spark, Family Jr, Disney, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, W Network, Slice, Lifetime, Bravo, Comedy, Much, E!, CTV News Channel, CBC News, CP24, Action, TCM, M2, M3, Tele-Quebec, TFO, TVO, NTV. I am sure that I missed a few.

It looks like, by 2019, they will have run off all the snowbirds and will lose many of the subscribers they have living in the southern USA and Mexico. The snowbirds can go to IPTV, maybe with a VPN for a Canadian IP address, if needed.
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