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Originally Posted by bababoey
I hooked my Tivo 3 weeks ago and really love it, I have tried to configure so I can watch one show and record another but no success, The book said I should be able to this, Has anyone been able to do this with Tivo and a Rogers SA 3200??
This would only work to allow you to record (or watch) when one of the channels is analogue (i.e. channels 2-75) and the quality will likely suffer a bit. To do this you need the TiVo to be able to use two inputs - the cable box via S-video (or composite) and the TiVo's own RF tuner. I did get this working with mucho hacking but I don't know that I would recommend my method to others.

I believe there may be another way as I thought I once read that a TiVo should work with a sat box and RF which would allow the typical American customer to get local channels, but I don't know if the TiVo lets you use both inputs if you tell it that you have a cable box.

Try searching or posting on TiVo Community Forums to find out more.

The other way to do this is to buy two cable boxes which isn't as ridiculous as it sounds as Rogers sells them for $99 less $100 in programming credit. The only problem you may have is that Rogers only allows you to have as many cable boxes as legal cable outlets. I found this out last year when I was replacing two rented boxes with purchased boxes and they would only let me have 4 boxes activated at once.
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