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Originally Posted by TheTinRam
I guess “to each his own” would be a good saying here. I personally don’t see the advantages of Tivo over SA DVRs (with Rogers digital cable)

More user friendly IPG? What’s so user friendly about having ANOTHER box on top of your digital cable box and needing to configure them to work together? That’s user friendly? What’s so user friendly about only having a single tuner so you can’t record something and watch something else at the same time?

I admit I have never used a Tivo but until they integrate it with the Rogers box I probably never will. I head Direct TV has their box integrated with Tivo.

I guess what is happening with them these days is sad since Tivo pioneered the whole DVR concept but the competition just killed them by integrating their boxes with cable company’s cabled boxes.

Tivo has been in trouble financially for a while now. They have one hope left of not going belly-up, and that is the deal they signed with Yahoo recently. If the whole IPTV thing really takes off, it will make Tivo a pioneer again.
Saying you've never used a TiVo, says it all my friend. Once you've used it once you'll realize how wrong your statement is.

As much is it to try and wrangle with SA's boxes .. like trying to cancel just 1 recording - trying to actually search for something - trying to tape a program *anywhere* - trying to manage the tiny recorded list - trying to figure out why my program didn't tape because the name shifted.. etc, etc ....

I do agree that the PVR + Cable box setup isn't a great one, most because you lose the multiple recording functionality of the unit. The non-HD is the kill zone for me, so I'm SOL for now.

It's a question mark for rogers who'll they will use for their next gen boxes, ideally a TiVo HD unit would be compatible *directly* with Rogers cable .. IOW no need for the SA box.. but no idea if we'll see that.
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