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Originally Posted by bababoey
I hooked my Tivo 3 weeks ago and really love it, I have tried to configure so I can watch one show and record another but no success, The book said I should be able to this, Has anyone been able to do this with Tivo and a Rogers SA 3200?? also the TV Guide and Show Cases is gone from my Tivo Central is this because I am Set up with a Canadian postal code thanks

1) Watching while recording would either require 2 cable boxes.. (presuming you wanted to watch a digital channel and record a digital channel) or a dual tuner STB. (i'm not familiar with the 3200) OR .. you could watch one analog channel 2 to 69 and record one digital channel.. All you need to do that is split the cable, and hook it up both to the SA3200 and to the RF input of the TV. The TIVOs are NOT dual tuner so it cannot control two boxes etc. [ It has been posted on the TIVOCOMMUNITY site that the new TIVOs due in 2006 will be dual tuner HD capable and work with both cable and off-air HD feeds. ]

2) Showcases are gone because TIVO doesn't have Showcase arrangements with Canadian broadcasters and the video material that makes up showcases is normally recorded by your TIVO off the American Discovery channel at 4am. The Canadian Discovery channel doesn't carry this program (Usually listed in guide information as TELEWORLD).


As for the poster a few messages back.. a simple hack will get your Series 1 box working in Canada. You start guided setup (use any US postal code) up till the point where it makes its first phone call - then presuming your box is hacked - you enter a dbset command from the # prompt and set the Canadian postal code from the command line.

Then proceed with guided setup as normal. This works like a charm. (For more information on this hack - visit forums.tivocanada


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