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Great points and they are exactly the same what my friends have told me.

I really don't think the music industry is healthier than the television industry. They suffer from the same thing, with FACTOR grants and what is considered CANCON. How many real post production facilities are there compared to video?
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Originally Posted by Michael DeAbreu View Post
what is more real than sports and
IMO, even more boring than real reality TV.
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I generally watch what the mood strikes me, and as it turns out, most of them tend to be Canadian productions. There's something about Canadian productions that I find more creative for some reason, like the Degrassi series, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Being Erica and Ice Pilots, all of which are highly acclaimed and sold internationally for their content. Producers of these shows try harder to be original most of the time, and I guess that's in due part to them having to work harder to make something worth watching, so that it doesn't sink amid all of the American productions out there.
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This is really a great discussion.

Here in Quebec the situation is totally different , we have our own unique tv shows and series. You might think this is only a question of language barrier but it's not that simple

1-US shows ans series can always be dubbed in french. During the 80's , there was a lot of american series on quebec tv
2-Having our own tv industry doesn't mean we don't watch anything else, we do watch american series , either in french or in english , a lot of quebecers understand english.

Part of the success , as already pointed out, is funding , we have the SODEC which is dedicated to the promotion and support of Quebec's culture.
Our culture is different , Quebec isn't just a french speaking US state .

Regarding that filter thing you were talking about , there's a Qc filter on our shows , it's not a 80's , a 90's or anything but a very specific one and I believe it has more to do with cultural differences rather that budget , it's recognizable even in a big budget serie.

For me , Quebec and American TV are complementary.

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I find this thread interesting and thought I should bring this back for discussion. With the CRTCs new content rules how do you feel American TV Vs. Canadian TV is now? I will admit almost all of my USA shows I watch now are American. Even now with the new speciality channels such as Disney Channel I find them filled with US shows.
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Great topic this may not be the right forum to add this...however I'll post it because I do think it has relevance.

One of the reasons (I believe) our Canadian programs suffer in comparison to the American TV Shows is the fact that their Networks get involved with productions and pay top dollar for good shows.

Our Networks are like the middle man in a dope deal...they lobby politicians to make sure that Canadians cannot watch American programs directly from the that the Canadian Networks will be the only ones who have the rights to these shows...then they repackage these same shows and sell them to us with pathetic commercials (usually the same ones run over and over) and they do nothing to enhance our viewing pleasure...while making a small fortune...just for knowing "The Guy"!!!

Sometimes they even make our viewing pleasure worse by incompetent simultaneous substitutions (simsubs) that degrade picture and sound quality...sometimes they cut out before they are supposed to and sometimes they even just switch over to a different show before the end...while still simsubbing the American channel.

This practice is not only disgusting but it's made the Networks lazy...why on earth would they invest money into Canadian projects (unless they are forced)...when they don't have to in order to make money?

If we ever expect to see Canadian programming on par with American programming...the Canadian Networks are going to have to start caring (for real) about Canadian Culture!
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Our networks/media companies do in fact get involved in production of shows .Recent examples include Motive , Rookie Blue, Murdoch Mysteries, The listener etc . Certainly they could probably do more but it's wrong to say that are not involved in some production.
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Here are the latest stats for private OTA networks (in millions)

Canadian programming $619 (includes News $361)
Non-Canadian $717

Source: Programming and Production Expenses (Private television) - Canada
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Market size and the resulting budgets play a big role. If Canadian broadcasters create 1 show for every 10 comparable US shows, they are doing Ok. (The US has approximately 10 times the population and TV viewers of Canada.)

There are other things that work against Canadian broadcasters. The US does not allow deep penetration of foreign OTA networks that drain revenue from OTA broadcasters. The US protects local broadcasters by not allowing any out of market stations on BDUs. Canada allows deep penetration of US OTA stations and out of market networks on Canadian BDUs. That drains viewers and advertising revenue. It's also why simsubs exist. The alternative is to completely ban US OTA networks on Canadian BDUs.

There is a huge talent drain of Canadian actors, producers, directors and other creative talent to the US. Those still here often work for US production companies operating in Canada. Due to Cancon rules, it's difficult for Canadian producers to hire foreign talent, sometimes even Canadians who have moved to the US. That means that, unlike US producers, Canadian producers often cannot hire the best people for the job.

I'm not on the side of Canadian broadcasters but between watching US TV and allowing an odious bureaucracy to dictate how Canadian TV operates and who operates it, we have created the problem.
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With the exception of news(even then my go to station is CNN), I only watch American tv. All the programs listed upthread I have never watched nor have any interest in. Since I use an antenna I'm not bothered by simsubs and when a show is also on Can. tv I still watch the US feed. I find Canadian programming too political, boring and immature. People aren't as stupid as CANCON makes us look. I used to watch Coronation Street on CBC but stopped because of all the repetitive commercials. Now I watch it online, the UK feed.
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I also watch mostly U.S content.
One interesting fact is French Quebec for the 25% Population it has probably generates more shows and T.V series then English Canada on a much smaller Budget.
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As others have said, it all comes down to money. However, 90% of the programming on the 4 major US networks is celebrity worshiping or reality based crap. They haven't had an original idea in 20 years, 30 cop shows isn't enough I guess.
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American is Canadian television: Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, X Files, Magicians, Lucifer, Flash, Izombie, Arrow, The 100, Legends of Tomorrow, Olympus, Orphan Black, Lost Girl, Falling Skies, Second Chance, Bitten, etc.
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A lot of US shows are filmed in Canada. The US is also very good at "borrowing" ideas from other countries. Cold Squad was remade as Cold Case and had a good run. US remakes of UK shows are quite common (and not always as good.) House of Cards was originally a UK show.
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gbamber , i'm not sure what you are saying . Is your list of shows that proves "american is canadian television " to demonstrate that shows that are filmed in canada are somehow canadian ?
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