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CBC and CTV News in Ottawa still in SD mode

It's great that CBC Ottawa have at least changed to the 16:9 screen size, they are still using SD cameras so the resolution sucks!

CTV Ottawa is even worse. Not only are they using SD resolution, they haven't even upgraded to 16:9 format.

I think the average person these days has an HD TV. I go on nightly walks and every house in the evening that I walk by has a large screen TV. I have not seen one home in my neighborhood with an SD TV in their living room. Perhaps it's the homes with the dark curtains. I tend to believe most people these days own a 16:9 screen. You can't even buy the SD TVs in most stores now.

It's 2012, and I've had an HDTV since 2005. I definitely wasn't the first to buy an HDTV. It just seems really odd that the news is still being shot with SD equipment more than 10 years after HD came along. I remember when we switched from b&w to color in 1965. It seemed all networks bought new color cameras and equipment. I don't know any stations still broadcasting news in b&w in 1975 (10 years later). So what's going on? Ottawa is not a small audience.

The last thing I read on the CTV website was that they were working on it and it was coming "soon". That was 2 years ago. Does anyone have further info on this?
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but it is still relevant today, and i was going to post this topic anyway.

Any update on whether English or French local news in Ottawa are available in HD?
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CTV Ottawa has announced tonight that they will be broadcasting in HD in a matter of weeks. A new renovated news desk is currently being built.
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That's unbelievable. It's been a long wait. I hope this isn't just a rumour. Thanks for sharing if it's not.
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Exclamation for real!

Wow, it's all over their Twitter feed, tonight -- reads as very official. I'm shocked, given this parallel thread has 18 pages of gripes about other CTV local stations and their abysmally slow road to HD.
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Yes it has been slow considering most people have wide screen HDTVs now and this stuff is no longer considered new. I recall in the 1960s when color TV came out. It took a matter of 2 to 3 years and all of the stations were broadcasting news in color and all of the TV shows were in color. It was a huge investment because they had to buy all new cameras and equipment that cost a lot of money but they did it. These days everything seems so penny-pinching companies seeing how far they can go and get away with it. Yet there's more money and buying power in the pockets of these companies today than there has ever been.
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Interestingly enough, CTV Ottawa has a web page specifically addressing questions about HD @ http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/about/ctv-o...in-hd-1.816606

It says it was "Last Updated Friday, May 9, 2014" but one has to wonder if that's true or not, given the wishy-washy Q&A:
When will CTV News Ottawa be available in HD-TV? Good question -we're working on it.
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Great. So when's CTV 6 Deseronto NTSC analog going ATSC digital?


Now when will CTV CJOH convert their transmitter out here in Kingston and area (CTV's Deseronto Ontario, NTSC 6 Analog transmitter) to Digital, so we can see it in HD Over The Air with antenna ?

Maybe put CTV 2 on a subchannel for us out here? - just like Ottawa has.

[ CKWS TV 11 - Kingston - CORUS CBC affiliate - did their digital conversion a little while ago. ]

Come'on now Bell Media ... we know y'all have some nice bonuses to spread around. Show us the money.
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post #9 of 24 (permalink) Old 2014-06-16, 10:16 PM
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I can almost guarantee you that the NTSC re-transmitters will never be converted to ATSC. They will probably do what the CBC and TVO did and shut them all down at some point.

The only remaining CTV stations that I could see getting an ATSC upgrade are...

Sudbury, ON
North Bay, ON
Timmins, ON
Sault Ste Marie, ON
Yorkton, SK
Prince Albert, SK
Sydney, NS

and the only reason these might get the ATSC treatment is because these transmitters are licensed as originating stations. In addition to the above transmitters, they may also upgrade the CTV2 Pembroke transmitter to ATSC at some point since CHRO is licensed to Pembroke. Other than that, I wouldn't count on any other transmitters getting upgraded.
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post #10 of 24 (permalink) Old 2014-06-21, 05:17 PM
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Re: CJOH 6 analog Deseronto.

RE: The CTV CJOH rf 6 NTSC still analog re-transmitter in Deseronto.

It may take time - but I think they will eventually do the digital conversion on that transmitter.

For the following reasons:

For standardization of equipment across their transmitters.
For maintainability reasons.
For parts and equipment reasons.
For company and organization "image" reasons.
For competitive reasons.

In order to "reach their audience" in the region (via the *new* digital transmitting medium).
And that also would have positive implications for their sponsors, and maybe for cable carriage too, in HD, in the region. I think that is one of the reasons CKWS 11 did their conversion.]

[ Probably that transmitter also reaches into the USA as well, and that might also be a big reason - since the USA has completed their digital conversion ]
[ i.e. to easily reach any U.S. viewers and be on their "digital dial" ]

I think there will come a time, in the near future, where the operator of this transmitter will have to make a decision:

Either convert it to ATSC Digital, or shut it down completely.

... and shutting it down completely will be seen by the general public as stepping back. And that will be bad for the corporate image - of such a large company.

I believe they will have to "STEP UP TO THE PLATE" and do it.

I believe that transmitter serves quite a large region, including a "COTTAGE COUNTRY" north, east and west of it.

Kingston, Belleville, Trenton, Prince Edward County to the South [Picton] and all the cottage country to the North of that.

Kingston in many respects forms part of the overall "national capital region" .
Many news items on CJOH Ottawa regard Kingston and area regularly.
We sort of fall under "Ottawa" in many respects.

... You know ... for a company of that size - that may convert several other transmitters - to me it would be a NO BRAINER - if I was "In Charge".

If I were at the TOP of a big communications and technology Company like that, and I was going to convert Six or Seven other transmitters to ATSC Digital - it would be a NO BRAINER.

If I were the big boss, and " In Charge ".

I'd say to the project conversion team:

"And give me a business case and estimates for any other transmitters we have running. How much more money is it going to cost us to just convert those other "stragglers" at the same time."

I imagine the extra cost would be just peanuts to them. In comparison to everything else they do..

Who are we talking about ???

It's BELL isn't it now? BELL MEDIA ?

They're huge !

They'll do it just because it's part of the overall project.

They'll do it and they won't even think one sniff about it.

They'll do it just to show you they can - like it was nothing.

Time will tell.
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Excellent news regarding HD in Ottawa for CTV.

With regards to analog OTA transmitters, the federal government is currently "reviewing" the future of broadcast TV. My take on this, based on what I've seen thus far, is that the government is poised to drop broadcast transmitters as a requirement for local stations. And given the choice, I believe stations would rather spend to upgrade to HD rather than convert old transmitters. Especially if they are no longer required to provide over the air transmissions.

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post #12 of 24 (permalink) Old 2014-06-23, 09:02 PM
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Bell Media laying off up to 120 across Toronto TV operations

^^ Yeah, but given the choice, Rogers/Bell/Shaw stations would rather do neither, and, in fact, cancel all local news production entirely. They've whined for so long that nothing is profitable anymore, with the misguided belief that completely abandoning OTA and Cancon regulatory requirements would be some sort of capitalistic utopia, yet they fight tooth-and-nail to retain simsub rights.

Funny how this news item wasn't mentioned on any Bell Media stations, tonight, eh? Boo-hoo. Maybe they'll also have to start laying off staff at CTV Ottawa and CTV Atlantic to help pay for their oh-so-prohibitively-expensive yet abysmally late migration to HD local news.
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post #13 of 24 (permalink) Old 2014-06-25, 03:29 PM
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would rather do neither
- YA - Correct. OR would rather do NOTHING. Like our current ... our do nothing Gov't - unless it relates to oil or pipelines. No leadership. No plan. No direction.

But I'm sure the upper management pay and bonuses are still going up.
Or are still at a record high number of times of normal employee pay.

Sort of Hypocritical.

You'd think that with the reality of all that money they make and have - they'd want to do something right and proper with it.

But nooo . just like everything else these days ...

It's all going to Hell in a Handbasket.

[ Why not go help invade another country in the Middle East then? Send some more troops into some other region. Ya - maybe that'll be a good place to put your resources. ]

But you know what? Who cares? Really not that important.

I'll just cancel all "PAID" Cable services - when I get control - and watch and listen ONLY to what comes over the air free- by Radio or TV - by my own antennas.

And that'll be the ultimate "cutback" and "downsize".

And a much better use of my time, and a savings of my money anyway - doing other more productive and relevant important things with my extra time and money anyway. Because I find TV is getting worse and worse anyway - not worth paying for. I find myself watching less and less of it anyway. Becoming irrelevant and not worth paying for. Just a tool of the state and the corpocrocy anyway.

Cause it's all mostly the same propaganda are repeats anyway.

The few stations I pick up with antenna are just enough.

If you've got something you want to say or show to the public - just broadcast it over the air free - as always.
All the other paid and taxed and fee this or that - via "provider" Cable co, specialty "crap", "Violence", "Reality TV", "Dr this" or "Judge that" stupidity tv, "fix your house TV shows", you can just keep.
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I agree with you anyway. I mean, why can't they make great shows like the Brady Bunch anyway. It's all dumb stuff that isn't even funny anyway.
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post #15 of 24 (permalink) Old 2014-06-29, 02:11 AM
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Given the fact that Bell's latest proposals is to change all the local TV stations to specialty channels, I would say there is no chance any additional transmitters will be converted to ATSC.
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