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Way to go Conan. Stick to your guns.
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So far Conan has not made a success of the Tonight Show. His viewership has dropped to half of what Leno's was. Leno kept his numbers he had on the Tonight Show but for a prime time show his numbers weren't good enough for the NBC local news stations who were losing up to 30% of their ad revenues. I like both Leno and Conan--they have their good and bad points.

Conan is also losing to Letterman in the ratings so something needs to be changed. Maybe NBC's plan will work--only time will tell.
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What a whinner. Conan was unqualified to begin with and then does this.

Leno is now the host of The Tonight Show where he belongs.


O'Brien took several cheap shots at Leno in his blistering letter, denigrating Leno's show as a "comedy program."
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Leno is really ruining any positive reputation he might have had. What a douche.
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I used to like Leno but through all of this I now also think of him as a total douche. And he's never looked comfortable or relaxed on the new show and I've found the writing and jokes weak.

On the contrary I've found the new Tonight Show with Conan very funny. Hence I'm very sad to hear this news. Hopefully he'll end up on top somewhere at sometime.
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Whatever it was that Seinfeld said in support of Leno rings hollow, and nothing but support for one of the old clique of stand-up comedians that they were in together. After all, Leno's show at 10:00 did badly as well, leading to an affiliate revolt. Yet somehow 7 months for Conan to prove himself at 11:30 is good enough for Seinfeld to say that Conan should be be turfed, yet 5 months for Leno at 10:00 with an abysmal show means he should get a reprieve and be given the 11:30 spot again makes even less sense. Considering that NBC gave Seinfeld so many chances before it caught on, yet for Seinfeld to say that he's willing to let NBC cut Conan loose after only 7 months at The Tonight Show is hypocritical. Seinfeld needs to shut up.

Some people seem to be also forgetting that it took Leno almost 2 years from when his stint at The Tonight Show started to finally beat Letterman in the ratings.

Leno is nothing but a self-serving douche and hopefully enough bad blood comes out of this that his show, in whatever incarnation emerges out of all of this, never recovers in the ratings. Leno's brand of middle-America safe, uninventive, uninspired, and populist "humour" is as bland and banal as his audience deserves.
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From TMZ:
O'Brien took several cheap shots at Leno in his blistering letter, denigrating Leno's show as a "comedy program."
I must be missing something here - how is referring to both their shows as comedy programs 'denigrating' Leno's show? From Conan's letter:
I sincerely believe that delaying the Tonight Show into the next day to accommodate another comedy program will seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting.
Considering how they've shafted him on this deal, I thought his 'blistering letter' was a pretty restrained and well thought out response. Where exactly is the 'whining' and the so-called 'cheap shots'?
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I agree--you make a very good point. Conan's letter is not blistering at all, nor is he whining. It is just another case of the media (in this case TMZ) trying to make a story more than it really is. Bringing Leno back is only a short term fix. They should give Conan 2 years like they did with Leno before he got better ratings than Letterman. But what would NBC do with Leno? NBC needs to replace Leno with dramas that bring in more viewers to help the local news stations out with their ad revenues. But they don't want to lose Leno who currently gets better ratings than Conan. It is a mess.
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Good for Conan. I hope he ends up on Fox 30 mins before everyone else, and does something great with it so he destroys the rest of 'em in the ratings. I think NBC just killed the historic Tonight Show.

Leno was stale for years before he left the Tonight Show. While I won't go so far as to call him a "self-serving douche" (even if I suspect thats true), he's definitely not my favorite late night guy, and was never fit to shine Carsons shoes. BUT he's a car guy, and in the few car things I've seen him in he seemed pretty likable. I'd like to see Jay do a GOOD american version of "Top Gear" and take the Jeremy Clarkson seat.
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How can you say that Leno was stale for years when he got better ratings than Conan did?
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Jerry Seinfeld: Conan has nothing to complain about

Jerry Seinfeld defended NBC's late-night stumbles and said the network's up-and-back on Conan O'Brien hasn't wounded the talk-show host.

"I can't blame NBC. They can't hit the ball for you," he said. "They can only give you the bat."
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Bickering aside, I've got to ask this.

What are the viewing habits of people who need a "lead in" to watch local news? If I want to watch local news (and that's big IF) I know exactly when they start and on what channel(s). Are millions of people turning TV first time in their lives every day to say "oh, look ... news ... let's stick with this channel and watch them"?
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I think this is what happens: If you watch the show before the local news (and the two hours previously for that matter--but the last hour is more crucial), they have commercials that "tweak" your curiosity about some news story and it makes you want to find out more by staying tuned to the same channel. If you watch Leno, Jay will tell you to "stay tuned to this channel for your local news" twice during his show: Right before the second to last commercial break, and at the end of his show. So obviously the lead-in show is important to the local news channels and their advertisers.
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I see the debate as being differences in generations. Reading the
message boards in different sites , Conan has more symphatizers, however
it is normal coz the younger people are on the internet.


THE UNEASY MIX OF GENERATIONS - Identifying the four distinct groups
in the workplace

For the first time in history, four generations of employees are in
the labor market at the same time. This has happened, says Sprott
School of Business professor Linda Duxbury, because
the "generational markers" of watershed events are closer together
than they used to be. The researcher divides the workforce this way :

Those born just before or during the Second World War make up only 8
% of Canada's workforce today. These are the people most influenced
by the veterans who sacrificed for the sake of their children and
influenced their progeny with their traditional values. Work hard
and you'll get ahead.
"We paid them to leave the workplace in the 90's," says Ms.
Duxbury, who praises their dedication and loyalty. "Now you see them
happy to work at McDonald's and Home Depot."

Born between 1947 and 1964, members of this group enjoyed more job
offers than they could handle when they came out of school, and
stable employment thereafter. Today, boomers make up half of the
labor market, but 60 % of the public service. They want health
benefits and a good pension. And they want to be left alone to do
their job.

Those born between 1964 and 1974 are "bitter and hostile", suggests
Ms. Duxbury. "They were screwed by demography and hate the Baby
Boomers. When they left school there were only two job offers per
class. They lived through the recessions of the 80s and 90s, jobless
recovery and global competition."
These are disgruntled employees who were told they were lucky to
have a job and were squeezed dry of every drop of work blood,
staying late at the office, forgoing vacations. Fewer than one in
three employees is a Generation Xer today. Yet they are one of the
most valuable labor groups, the first to grow up with computing

Those born between 1975 and 1990 have it "made in the shade",
according to Ms.Duxbury. About 42% as numerous as baby boom cohort,
these young folks know better. Having witnessed the downsizing
experience of their parents, growing up as latchkey kids of divorce,
the echo boom generation doesn't want to make the same mistake. They
are saying, "My whole life is not going to be my job". This group
wants challenging, exciting work, an opportunity to learn and be
mentored. It wants face-to-face discussions, flexible hours,
more vacation time and fair pay. Money isn't no. 1.
"We raised them to argue. We educated them to question and make
their case. They don't believe in the hierarchy. They can be tiring
as employees."
"However, if you don't deliver," warns Duxbury, "the 20 yr old will
leave. About 47% of 20-29 yr olds live at home, so they don't worry
about whether or not they have another job to go to. If they hate
you, they leave, and they tell all their friends on Facebook
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All shows need a strong lead in. People walking away from the tv and forgetting to turn the channel(or falling asleep) are viewers.

I'm not sure why anybody would be insulting Leno. First he was fired from the Tonight Show (or use any word you think is more fitting) then his Prime time show is cancelled. He is then offered only a 30 minute show.

Conan, with bad ratings got to keep the most famous show on late night tv with only a minor movement in the timeslot.

Can you imagine a prime time actor bitching that his show was move by 30 minutes?
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