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I've tried using TSN GO outside of Canada, and it doesn't work - you would need a VPN with a Canadian address or route through a Canadian computer so the IP address works for TSN. It also locks your account and you have to reset it with your provider - major pain in the.....

However, I find that ESPN's feeds are easy to access in places like Mexico - however, not all games are available and are delayed.

I've also noticed that BT Sport in the UK has CFL games - usually a few days after and in the middle of the UK night on.

The last few seasons if the game isn't live where I am, I just wait until I get home and watch it either on my DVR or on TSN GO.

It's too bad the CFL doesn't have a service like MLB and the NHL where you can watch the games anywhere in the world without playing games with VPNs or pirate options.
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