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Hi Shaw Champ this system looks like it's light years ahead of the Gateway. What has interested me on the Xfinity platform has been the anywhere DVR. I know Shaw has not included it on the launch of Bluesky, but I would go for it if I knew this feature was coming. Was it not included by design or it just a matter of negotiating with content providers?? Over the past year it has been frustrating to not have worthwhile content to download on Freerange and this seems to be a continuation of the same strategy. Another question is can you tell me the amount of time there is with the skip feature which it looks like on the Xfinity system is activated with the up or down arrow button. Apparently on Xfinty it comes with a default of 5 minutes but there is a code that can be entered to make it 30 seconds. Is it the same with Bluesky? Thanks
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