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Originally Posted by asd View Post
There's some recycled piracy is theft discussion here. To use the stealing oranges analogy, it's comparing apples to oranges. Stealing an orange is theft that can lead to a criminal charge but streaming an apple is at most a copyright infringement, that's a civil not criminal charge. Philosophically, we can see the difference: if I steal an orange and eat it, no one else can eat that orange. If I stream a video about apples, it still exists for the owner and others to watch. Intellectual property deserves compensation but it isn't in the same class of property as a physical object.
You are right it is not in the same class. If you still an orange the loss to the store could be around 50 cents but if you pirate a movie, a show or live channel over pirate iptv and make it available world wide for free, the loss could be in millions of dollars.
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