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Originally Posted by ExDilbert View Post
What I want to do is watch new content commercial free and for a small fee at the same time as it is released on TV or at the theater. That can be on a series, episode or subscription basis. That is rarely available.
We're already almost there with TV. Many (most?) TV shows are available less than 24 hours after they air on broadcast TV - hardly an unreasonable timeline, I think. I bought Season 2 of Mr Robot in HD for $22.49 the day before the first episode aired. When a new episode became available (the day after it aired on TV) I was notified on my phone that a new episode was available for me to watch. I was able to watch it, ad-free, pretty much anywhere I wanted. I still have access to it. And, because I have a family library set up, my extended family are able to easily, legally, and legitimately watch the content I purchased.

There's definitely room for improvement - it doesn't always work that nicely. I would like every show to be available to purchase the day after it aired. I still can't watch Westworld, which is annoying. I would like every purchasing service to be much more comprehensive, with full back-catalogues available, but I have faith that that's only a matter of time.

We've come a long, long way already, and there's lots of reason to believe that things will continue to rapidly improve. Like HBO, CBS is also making available content on the same day as broadcast in the US (and also working on original content for streaming only). Netflix is making a point of acquiring international rights for content now. Amazon is no longer licensing international rights to their shows.

There will continue to be holdouts. I don't think we'll see HBO commoditizing themselves by releasing individual seasons for purchase in advance on iTunes or Google Play any time soon. But I could see a year from now where HBO, Netflix, and Amazon are the only major holdouts from that system. And I do see Bell launching a streaming only service for current HBO content.

But even today, the system might not be perfect, but it's hardly unusable. As long as you're willing to pay for the things you want, there are good options available.

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