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Then buy a single episode. They're almost all available for $2-3 each. Watch some previews first - most TV shows have trailers on Google Play right where you buy them, but you can also find them on Youtube and elsewhere. That is certainly not an unreasonable investment of time or money to test a single show.

If you need your content to be available forever, or if you somehow don't trust that Google Play or iTunes will still be around in a year, then buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. Many - I'd argue most - people can accept that the "purchase" model mostly just means that you can watch it at your leisure and multiple times over, not that you'll literally be able to watch it ad infinitum. I could still watch the DVDs I bought years ago, but I got rid of most of them because I had no interest in watching low-definition content, and they were cluttering up my home. The same will happen with the TV I've bought digitally.

As for Netflix being a "high priced year long subscription," that's beyond ludicrous. For one, Netflix is a monthly subscription, not yearly. You can always subscribe for a month, watch as much as you want, and then cancel when there's nothing left you want to watch. I keep my subscription active because Netflix has enough original content regularly being added that I feel I get my money's worth, but you certainly do not have to do this.

Two, Netflix is available for as little as $8/month (or $10 for HD). Even if there's just one season of one show that you want to watch, if you consider $10 to be "high priced" then there is never going to be a model that works for you.

Honestly, there are real drawbacks (varying availability timelines, incomplete back-catalogues, lack of local news/events and sports) to this system, but you're missing them in favour of the same lame arguments consistently trotted out by pirates who have no interest in paying for anything no matter what.

Again, if you want to pay one flat rate and have access to everything, then you can do that right now through your local telecom. If you want to only pay for the things you want to watch, on demand, you can do that right now on almost every TV platform. If you want unlimited access to everything and have it cost next to nothing, then you're always going to be a pirate.

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