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We watch most TV series and movies once. Later viewings, if at all, are a year or more later. About half of them we stop watching after one or two episodes or as little at 15 minutes. Does anyone want to spend $20 or $50 for 15 minutes of viewing displeasure? Buying is not an option, especially since modern formats may not allow viewing 5 years or even 1 year later. At least my meager collection of DVDs still play after 5 or 10 years but there is no such guarantee for highly encrypted content.

I've tried Netflix. Sorry, that's also not a good option. There is enough new content to keep me happy for about 1 or 2 months a year. I tried looking for crime dramas in December. About 90% of the results consisted of low budget Spanish movies with only 2 new movies worth watching. The same goes for stand up comedy which is missing a lot of US titles and has a lot of low budget Australian and Canadian filler. Netflix has turned into yet another Canadian specialty Canadian station filled with low budget junk. Some of their original content is quite good but like many specialty stations, there is not enough to warrant a high priced year long subscription.
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