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My biggest beef is geoblocking. If we had subscription access to content such as Hulu or Netflix USA's library there would be less piracy going on. We subscribe to PBS in our cable package. One day an episode was missed or did not record correctly and the Mrs. decides to go the the PBS website to watch it. She was geoblocked. KODI overcomes geoblocking without having to resort to a VPN service. A lot of content is legal, some not.

Undesirable behaviour can be mitigated by the CRTC and the BDU's. Instead they choose to continue to promote an oligarchy, allow exclusivity of American offerings (and hence a monopoly), and other support of Canadian re-broadcasters (network show rebroadcasting and sim-subbing).

Personally, I subscribe to a large cable package and have an Android Box and a Roku. Recent CRTC rulings have not opened up the Canadian marketplace the way the public was hoping as companies continue to throw up barriers to cheaper cable bills. So, as far as I'm concerned the CRTC can either open up the nation to cable/satellite competition; or force the BDU's hand with further regulation; or the general public will go to streaming via whatever methods are available.
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