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That may be almost true in the US but it's a gross exaggeration for Canada. Even if it were true, it would require half a dozen streaming boxes and half a dozen service subscriptions to even get close to what you are claiming. Then there is the issue of paying up to $60 per TV season or $30 per movie to buy items that may or may not be available for streaming at a later date.

I'm not condoning piracy or making excuses. I'm just explaining why human nature causes some people to pirate content when cartels conspire to unnecessarily restrict its availability. (Not even governments can successfully restrict the availability of what people want. All they do is create organized crime.) Do people want to spend hours searching for a show or movie to watch or do they just want to find a show easily and enjoy some TV? Legitimate service providers are still making the latter too difficult and unreasonably expensive. The fact that piracy is so prevalent is proof of that.
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