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Your idea to "stick it to them" is not properly directed. The service providers are rarely the content providers (although in some cases they are, but that's not what's usually pirated - it's usually movies or TV series).

If everyone didn't pay, nothing would be produced, so you're actually harming the people who are legitimate and paying because the content providers end up charging more because of piracy. I'm one of those people who dislikes pirates who try to legitimize theft in some way because they want to decide what something's worth, rather than paying the asking price, or not buying.

People don't walk into a store and steal oranges because the price of oranges is $2.00/lb. They either buy fewer oranges, or don't eat oranges. If they do steal oranges, they are thieves, pure and simple.

This reminds me of satellite stackers. I know a lot of them and they call me the sucker for paying for my own account. They say it's the best thing going and that it's a way to always combat the constant price increases not thinking that it's because they have up to 6 people all paying on a single account that accounts for the increase but somehow I'm the sucker for paying on my own. Truly we don't stream in our house and I personally could very easily get by with just purchasing my shows on BD, movies on UHD-BD and OTA with a nice TiVo Bolt but I don't think the wife could do it hence why we have two satellite subscriptions.
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