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Originally Posted by bev fan View Post
I do not think it is about controlling boxes or innovation but protecting content.
If Bell's concern was about protecting content they surely would have issued the cease and desist letter, not against VMedia but against Zazeen who were the first to introduce a skinny basic that could be used over any internet service provider (at a given fixed location in Zazeen's license area)?

In any event, this court ruling only applies to streaming Bell's TV channels over VMedia's skinny basic service with the Roku over any internet service provider (at any location in VMedia's license area).

VMedia are still permitted to stream Bell's TV channels (including specialty channels) via the Roku using VMedia's own internet service (at a fixed verified location). This includes the ability to watch, pause, rewind, skip through adverts on any show broadcast over the past week on the OTA broadcast channels.

It should also be noted that VMedia customers still have access to stream Bell's CTV Go and TSN Go and Crave TV services at any Canadian location over any internet service by contractual agreement with Bell and under the complete control of Bell.
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